Caution plates are a critical way to communicate with your workforce, customers, or visitors to your site about potential hazards they may face. Businesses that work with heavy equipment, chemicals, or other potentially dangerous materials or machinery must have them. Plus, these caution plates have to meet industry standards governed by ANSI and OSHA.

As we covered previously, a caution plate is different from an instruction plate. Instruction plates are designed to give instruction on how to use certain equipment. On the other hand, a caution plate is meant to warn workers and visitors to a work site of possible danger. There can be some overlap; instruction plates can also be used to instruct clients on what to do in case of an emergency, such as on airplanes, and some caution plates have instructions on them for safety purposes. For example, some caution plates have reminders about shutting down machines, putting guards in place before working, or wearing safety equipment.

That said, there are so many hazards in work spaces that creating caution plates is far from a one-size-fits-all job. That’s why we offer customizable caution plates for any safety hazard you need to warn your employees, outside technicians, or work site visitors about. Caution plates can be simple with a warning label, visual, and/or one-sentence, or they can be part of a longer warning label.

Regardless of the type of caution plates you need, you will want to make sure each one is crafted by a highly skilled name plate etching company such as Detroit Name Plate Etching. If you would like a quote for your industry-approved nameplate, contact us today.