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Create the Perfect logo

When you think of a company like Apple or Target, what’s the first thing you think of image wise? For Apple, is it really an iPhone, or is it their simple logo with an apple and a bite mark in it? Similarly, when you think of Target, the big, red bullseye next to...

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Put Safety first with a Caution Plate

Caution plates are a critical way to communicate with your workforce, customers, or visitors to your site about potential hazards they may face. Businesses that work with heavy equipment, chemicals, or other potentially dangerous materials or machinery must have them....

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Potential Delays in Shipments

Dear Valued DNPE Customer: We are all aware of the current labor force issues and the impact it is having on delivery of raw materials as well as finished products. Although we are hopeful that this trend will right itself in the near future, we anticipate that our...

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Data Plates for Elevators

Elevators play a major role in today’s society. With multi-level buildings becoming more and more commonplace, there is a great need for elevators. Not only does it accommodate wheelchairs and other medical equipment, it simply makes moving people and goods from one...

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Common Uses for Data Plates

Data plates are identification tags that are found in a wide variety of industries. Regardless of the industry you are in, you may find that there is a need for durable metal plates. These plates can be used to outline instructions, indicate potential hazards, or...

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The Basics on CNC Machining

What is CNC Machining? CNC Machining is a process that is used in the manufacturing industry with all of the work being done by computers and other machines which control the tools being used. These tools that are controlled include those such as lathes, mills, and...

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