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Detroit Name Plate Etching Blog

Make Your Business Pop with Embossing

Getting attention for your business is hard. Online competition is at an all-time high, and capturing even a few seconds of your target market's time seems impossible. Advertising off the screen has even more challenges: print is often seen as boring (when it's seen...

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Use CNC Machining for Prototype Parts

Different machining and manufacturing processes fit different circumstances. If you need a bulk production of simple solids, mold injection can get you identical products; if you need modifications and custom tags, engraving works. But if you're testing new parts for...

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Name Recognition Begins With A Logo Plate

A logo represents your brand, your company, your team, or your organization. When a logo is created, it is done so that when seen, there is instant recognition. If you think Ford, Harley Davidson, or Bose, we are quite certain that their logo can be easily pictured in...

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3 Benefits of Electroforming

Many forming processes work by taking material away from a block of the raw substance. This can be done by die-cutting, where a template is pressed into the material and the excess is removed, or laser engraving that burns and melts material away. Electroforming, on...

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