Imagine small but effective metalwork that mirrors the unique tone of your brand. Custom metal tags are more than just labels – they’re powerful brand ambassadors that can resonate with your audience on a tactile level. And, thanks to a wide variety of options here at Detroit Name Plate Etching, they open the door to some wildly creative branding opportunities. Let’s explore.



Custom metal tags can be the key – a literal key – to keeping your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Metal tags make great keychains. And, by boasting your company’s logo, they offer more than just a link to your products or services. They become a practical advertising tool as well, going everywhere your customer goes, and reminding them of your company’s dedication to excellence.


Membership Cards

Creating custom metal membership cards will definitely set your company’s loyalty program apart from the rest. The sleek features of these stylish metal cards will give your valued members an exclusive feel. More than that, they’ll elevate your members’ perception of the value your company provides. Stand out, reward loyalty, and become unforgettable in the minds of your customers with trendsetting custom metal membership tags.


Limited Edition Labeling

For your company’s limited edition releases, custom metal tags can be an effective mark of exclusivity – and a nod to the meticulous craftsmanship, and the passionate team behind each product. The tactile satisfaction of running their fingers over a cool, bespoke tag has the potential to turn a customer into a full-blown collector. Craft new editions for special events and seasons. Bespoke metal tags can inspire interest that extends far beyond your product’s initial reveal.


Product Packaging

Or you could go in the other direction and use metal tags for all your product packaging, allowing every customer to experience the VIP treatment. There’s something inherently sophisticated about the glint of metal that catches the eye and stimulates curiosity. Imagine unboxing a product and the first thing that greets the customer isn’t just the item itself, but a beautifully crafted metal tag bearing your brand’s identity. These tags can linger in the mind of your customer long after the package is unwrapped. With limitless customization options (sizes, shapes, colors, materials, etc.) custom metal tags have the power to elevate your branding strategy to new heights.


Unlocking Success with Custom Metal Tags

Experience the durability and versatility of custom metal tags, thoughtfully crafted by the Detroit Name Plate Etching Company.

Our metal tags can withstand water, tearing, and fading – preserving your brand message even under the harshest conditions.

For over a century, DNPE has been a trusted destination for businesses throughout Michigan and beyond. And when it comes to custom metal tags, Detroit Name Plate Etching is here for you.

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