Caution Plates

The terms instruction plates and caution plates are quite often used interchangeably. However, these two items do not necessarily display the same type of information. While each metal nameplate is designed according to the client’s specific needs, there are some common elements that are included on instruction plates that are not included on caution plates and vice versa. So, when it comes to Instruction Plates and Caution Plates, what is really the difference?

Instruction plates are designed specifically to give details on how to use a piece of equipment, workspace, or machinery. Steps may be broken into different panels, bullet points, paragraphs, or numbered outline. It is up to the client to choose how they would like the steps to be displayed. Instruction plates are typically found placed directly on the equipment or in an obvious location in the designated workspace.

Caution Plates, on the other hand, serve the purpose of warning individuals of dangers present when using a piece of equipment or operating in a particular workspace. Caution plates are to be designed with a bold header that reads: Warning, Caution, or Danger. There are also other specific guidelines that must be followed when designing a Caution Plate such as required colors.

While, caution plates and instruction plates may include different elements, they of course do have a few things in common. Both instructional and caution plates should include signal words specific to its function so that anyone viewing can know immediately what the sign is indicating. Instruction plates can also double as caution plates by including an outline of instructions beside or beneath the Caution verbiage.

Regardless of the type of nameplate you choose for your organization, you will want to make sure each one is crafted by a highly skilled name plate etching company such as Detroit Name Plate Etching. If you would like a quote for your industry-approved nameplate, contact us today.