Anodized Aluminum Dataplate

Data plates are identification tags that are found in a wide variety of industries. Regardless of the industry you are in, you may find that there is a need for durable metal plates. These plates can be used to outline instructions, indicate potential hazards, or showcase other key information. You may be surprised to find that you actually come across data plates every single day. Here are a few common uses for data plates that you may be familiar with.

Commercial Vehicles

Data plates are used on semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles, including buses, in a few different ways. These plates can share company information. It could also be used to indicate a maximum load capacity and other specifications as outlined by the manufacturer.


To show that an elevator is up to code and to ensure that it is not exceeding maximum loads, data plates are often displayed by the elevator buttons. There is specific information that will be required on these data plates for use in inspections.


There is a good chance that you have machinery or other equipment in your workplace that have data plates secured to them. These plates may outline the specifications, indicate potential dangers, or simply instruct you on proper use of the product.


Per the Federal Aviation Administration, it is required that all aircrafts have a data plated with the necessary registration data. Aircraft data plates must include vital information such as: manufacturer, date of manufacture, serial number, and model just to name a few.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

If you take a look at the furnace in your home, you will likely find a data plate secured to it.

There is a great need for data plates in today’s society, and in certain instances, they may actually be required. Contact us today for a quote on durable and long-lasting data plates that meet your needs