One of the most important features of any stadium or theater is undeniably the seating. Whenever stadiums go through major renovations, the seating is likely included in those updates. When updating your venue’s seating there are many things to consider such as comfort, spectators’ view, spacing, and number of seats needed. However, one key aspect that can be easily overlooked is the need for clear and legible metal tags identifying the row and seat numbers.Metal tags on stadium seats

When spectators are rushing into a venue, the last thing they want to do is struggle to find their assigned seat. After waiting in long lines and fighting their way through crowds, all they want to do is quickly get in a seat and enjoy the event. Old and dilapidated metal identification tags for the rows and their numbered seats can make it extremely difficult for occupants to quickly locate their seat. It could even make it impossible! It also presents an issue for ushers and other workers in the venue who will also struggle with not being able to read the row and seat tags.

Don’t let your stadium fall prey to worn out seat identification tags. The experts at Detroit Name Plate Etching will design quality industrial metal tags for your seats that are both easy to read and complementary to your stadium’s branding.

All you have to do is select the most appropriate size and shape and give us any other required details, and we will prepare sturdy custom metal tags for each of your seats. Choose from Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, and more. Venue attendees are sure to appreciate the upgrade.

If you are ready to complete your stadium seating project with custom metal seating tags, contact Detroit Name Plate Etching today. We are committed to delivering you quality at a competitive rate.