ASME Certification Plate

Consumers are looking to purchase from companies they can trust, and one way to build trust is by proving that your brand meets certain industry standards. One method mechanical engineers can use to prove the quality of their products is the ASME stamp of approval. Once manufacturers have demonstrated that their products meet the highest of standards, they can earn that special American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) mark – the symbol of ASME’s certification. This special stamp for your ASME Certification nameplate shows that your products are trustworthy, as they adhere to  ASME’s quality and safety standards. The process to receiving this certification is as follows:

Submit all application forms and required fees

In order to receive your review/survey date, you must first complete and submit all necessary application forms along with payment for your fees. You will be required to create an account during this time.

Schedule and complete assessment

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will then move on to schedule the review/survey. This step is to ensure that your products are indeed compliant with the outlined ASME Standards. Upon completion of the assessment, a written report will be submitted to ASME.


Following the written report sent over by the review/survey team leader, ASME will either conclude that you meet their standards and approve you for a certificate, or they will request that you take additional action in order to be cleared for certification.

These are just the basic steps required to obtain ASME Certification. Prior to applying, you will want to do proper research to ensure that you are fully prepared for the entire process. Once you have earned your ASME Certification, Detroit Name Plate Etching will be more than happy to design your sturdy ASME Certification Plate. If you are ready to receive your quick quote, contact us today!