What’s in a nameplate? Turns out, anything you want! Your customized nameplate can be simple, only including your business’s name and logo, or it can contain more information, like contact information, hour5s, and more! It can even list the communities you serve. Say you’re a business in Detroit, MI. You can include a byline saying that you’ve been serving Detroit since the year you opened.

Your custom nameplate can even come in a ton of different sizes! Did you know you can make a nameplate out of metal as a business card? A unique nameplate as a business card is a great solution to help you stand out when you network or meet with clients.

A unique nameplate can also come in a variety of different materials depending on your needs. From vinyl and polyester to wrap around cylinders to vintage brass name plates for added branding and character, the material you choose can tell your customers more about who you are. They can also be functional: easy to wipe down without losing critical, instructional information over time.

If you already know what you want out of a name plate, contact us today and we can get started on building you a nameplate to fit your needs!