Iron has been used to make tons of tools, from swords to nails, since civilization began. Thanks to technology, iron can be made to last longer and to create longer-lasting tools.

In order to stand the test of time, iron needs to be smelted into an alloy, preferably containing carbon, so it’s much more immune to oxidization and rust. Stainless steel fits the bill for so many items we don’t even think about, from silverware to surgical tools.

Whether you’re looking for a way for your business to stand out or for a way to preserve crucial information for years, here’s what Detroit Name Plate Etching can do for you.

Name Plates

What’s in a name? Whether it’s your business’s name, the name of a building, or the name of an indispensable team member, your displayed names should stand the test of time and look as pristine as possible. With chemical etching and overlays, your name will be engraved in the stainless steel in such a way that every little detail of your font will be preserved.

Data Plates

Data plates display serial numbers, safety information, OSHA-compliant advisories, and more. Stainless steel will make sure these don’t have to be replaced for a long time. No matter what your environment throws at it, these data plates will be legible and visible for years.

Logo Plates

Your logo is your business’s stamp on the world. It should be as clear and pristine as possible, wherever you have it displayed. Etching in stainless steel ensures every detail of your logo will remain crisp and clear for decades.

Because the chemical etching process precisely carves every little detail into your stainless-steel product, your logo will come out crisp. Plus, due to the chemical reaction, your logo will remain crisp from the time it arrives for years after.

Business Cards

Make an impression when you meet potential clients with a one-of-a-kind business card. How? You already have a great logo and a font that fits your brand. Think about it: most business cards are made of paper that people don’t think about throwing away. A stainless-steel business card is made of a durable material that people don’t see as often. Your prospective client is less likely to forget you – or wantonly throw away your business card – if you give them a stainless-steel copy.

Make an Impression

Whether you’re going with unforgettable business cards or a logo etching that will stand the test of time, engraving on stainless steel is the way to go. Your logo, name, and card are all the first impressions you give to your prospects and clients. Make it stand out with stainless steel etching.

Stand out now! Contact us today for unforgettable stainless-steel etching that will last a lifetime.