Most name plates we make start with a sheet of metal or plastic. Typically, the metal we work with is steel or aluminum. That’s because these metals create lightweight products that can be applied to a variety of industries.

Brass, on the other hand, is a little less versatile. Brass is malleable and can be etched easily. It can also be dyed by filling the etched parts with lacquer, or coated in a chemical to darken the brass to resemble antique bronze. If you’re looking for a unique, gold, or vintage look for your name plate, there’s why you should consider brass.

No substitute for the real thing

Sure, we can make aluminum look like brass through dyeing or other chemical processes. However, brass has a unique grain and lacquer that stands out. Even if an onlooker doesn’t know the difference between real brass and dyed aluminum and stainless steel, the way the metal looks and shines will be different. Even if no one consciously notices, the brain has a way of picking up visuals that let you know way more than you consciously process.

Vintage look and feel

Brass is great for older homes and buildings, restoration projects, and historic businesses. Think of the iconic logo from the 80s sitcom Cheers. The show focuses on an established bar in Boston, and the logo even resembles brass, complete with curved, 19th century lettering.

If your branding and logo resemble the Cheers logo, has an antique aesthetic, or you’re in the restoration business, we would 100% recommend a brass name plate or logo plate.

More versatile and malleable than you think

Although we highly recommend brass for vintage or antique looking projects, brass can also be used for data plates and even in metal forming.

At DNPE, we can create almost anything using brass that we can make using steel or aluminum. For brass, we typically use acid etching to cut into the metal and create deeper, sophisticated grooves and etching.

If you’re looking for a unique branding piece for your business, or plates that stand out from the crowd, contact us today and we’ll walk you through everything we can do with brass!