The process of dye sublimation is important when creating a superior name plate. It gives the finished product a better looking quality. Because the process is heat activated, it allows the name plate to be designed in full color and the images are easily transferred to the metal sheets directly. Dye sublimation is ideally used for:
• Company plaques
• Stadium seating
• Locker tags
• Business cards
• ID products
• Name badges
• Photographs
• Name plates
• Signs
If you are looking for durability, this dye sublimation process is effective in ensuring that the sublimated image remains constant and won’t wash away. Once imprinted, it will last for as long as you have it.
The Benefits
It is to your advantage to work with a company that specializes in dye sublimation. Why? Well, this method is one of the few that allows you to print images in full color onto a hard surface. It is much easier done than screen printing. You will have a wide variety of colors to select from because sublimation is conducive to colors. Moreover, the company doing the dye sublimation may be able to add additional colors to your project, if it is required. In addition, you can have your project completely customized to your specification, allowing for intricate designs and altering elements to suit your needs.
The Process
The process of sublimation is fast, easy and simple. In fact, it can be done in less time than you would for other methods used in the promotional industry. For that reason, it has a reasonable turnaround time where you can order and get your name plates or other promotional item done to meet a specific deadline. The technician will be able to follow your detailed instructions, using dye sublimation technology to create an amazing product that you and your company will be proud of.
The Uniqueness
Many business owners utilize the sublimation technology to make custom items that need attention to detail, producing a product that is of the highest quality and obvious uniqueness. The sublimation decoration on the item will have viewers looking on in awe, wondering how this could be done so neatly and with such precision. Arguably, sublimation technology is versatile and has the ability to make color look good on metal and any other surface for that matter. The technician is able to create recognizable pieces that project a company’s brand identity in a distinct and unique way.