Using a variety of treatment processes can really make your finished products pop. You can engrave a logo into plat metal pieces, carve cut-outs for machinery, and add images for bursts of color or printed instructions. If your parts need color, detailed images, or long-lasting labeling, dye sublimation can finish the job.

What makes dye sublimation a high-quality coloring process?

  • The process is finished with a clear overcoat. Each manufacturer uses a slightly different process and name, but this overcoat ensures that your dye stays cleanly in place for the life of your products. Not only does this coat prevent general discoloration, it also makes the layer of dye water-resistant and stronger against UV radiation.
  • Dye sublimation is more permanent and thorough than inkjet printing. Your dye pattern is heated or pressed into the underlying material, or substrate, so it binds more tightly through the substrate. The process also more continuously applies color with varying tones and in more consistent dots during the application process.
  • Dye sublimation can be used for a wide range of applications. This process can permanently imprint your images into anything from photo paper to textiles. Dye sublimation also creates high-quality images that can be used for medical processing and broadcasting. Whether your products directly need images or you want high-quality labels and signs, dye sublimation is long-lasting and damage-resistant.

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