safety signsThere are many different safety signs that can be used in the workplace, and not everyone knows which signs they actually need. However, it is important that you have the right type of sign appropriately placed to ensure compliance and the safety of your workers. Here are a few types of safety signs commonly found in the workplace and an explanation on when to use each one.

Caution Signs

Caution signs are recognized by their black text placed on a yellow background. Use a caution sign when indicating a hazard that could results in a minor or moderate injury. “Watch Your Step” and “Wet Floor” are two examples.

Danger Signs

Danger signs are printed with the colors red, black, and white and warn against hazards that can result in serious injury or even death. Some examples include: “High Voltage,” “Do Not Enter,” and “Authorized Personnel Only.”

Safety Instruction Signs

These signs typically use the colors green and white and give basic instructions designed to keep you safe. Examples of safety instruction signs include: “Lift With Your Legs, Not Your Back.”

Prohibition Signs

These signs indicate that you are not allowed to perform a certain action. These signs usually include the prohibited image inside of a red circle with a red line going through it. Examples include: “No Left Turns,” “No Parking,” and “No Pedestrians.”

Warning Signs

Warning signs typically have an orange header with the word “Warning” printed in black. These signs can also be printed in orange and black without the word “Warning” being placed on it. These signs are used when there is a serious hazard present that could lead to injury or death. Examples of warning signs are: “Water Not Suitable for Drinking,” and construction and road work signs.

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