At Detroit Name Plate Etching we use a variety of methods to produce name plates.  One of those processes is die cutting.  This involves the use of a die which is pressed into a material, such as metal, to produce a shape.  Although die cutting may not be seen as “cutting edge” as newer techniques such as laser cutting, it nevertheless produces an excellent product and is the preferred method for several situations.

  • Difficult Materials: Rotary die usually cut through substances at the same speed no matter how tough they are.  Lasers may take longer to cut through tougher materials.  If your nameplates or product is made from a thicker or tougher material, die cutting may be a better choice.
  • Number of Units Required: Rotary die can cut through several units at the same time.  Lasers cut one unit at a time.  So if you need a large quantity of name plates, die cutting makes sense.  Die cutting can produce a large amount of nameplates faster than laser cutting.  This in turn, costs less.
  • Speed: If you are on a tight deadline, you may prefer die cutting.  It is quicker because multiple name plates can be cut at once, and die rotaries do not need to adjust speed for depth and angle of cut.
  • Cost: In general, die cutting is less expensive.  When you have a tight budget, die cutting may be a better choice.

Die cutting is one of many processes we offer at Detroit Name Plate Etching.  Contact us today to find out what process is right for your project.