Getting your photographs printed on a wide variety of materials is a popular choice for hard copies. Whether it’s glass for landscapes, wood for family portraits, or metal for a sharp, clear photo with lots of crisp detail, you can now choose your materials to fit your style. But metal offers you the most options for a good photo finish, and you can do much more than print wall art.

What can Metalphoto processing do for your products?

  • You can print merchandise designs in high definition. If you have aluminum products, or your products can have an aluminum topcoat, then you can print designs where the ink actually bonds to and becomes part of the metal. That means long-lasting labels, graphics, and data that stay as long as the product stays in use.
  • You can pack information into thin, portable products. Wallet inserts and tools you can slip into tablet cases and pockets are becoming increasingly popular. This ranges from measuring tools to multi-purpose tools with all the functionality of a Swiss army knife but the width of a credit card. You can also print health information on necklace tags, safety steps, and warnings onto slim technology, and label even miniature ports and outputs on circuit board displays.
  • You can make products look exactly the way you want. With traditional printing methods, small details and gradients would be difficult to capture. This was even truer when alternative printing materials first reached the commercial market. But now you can plan your designs in CAD software and photo editing programs, and we can transfer it straight onto a metal finish.

No matter what you want to print or how many units you need to be printed, Detriot Name Plate Etching can get it done. Go to our site to get started.