Embossing is a process that marks or decorates a surface with a raised design. One of the greatest benefits to embossing is that it can be done in various materials including, but not limited to: paper, plastic, leather, titanium, aluminum, and copper. There are so many objects that we interact with on a daily basis that include embossing. For instance, our credit and debit cards have raised text on the surface. Essentially, embossing is a beautiful process that marks important information that won’t be easily lost due to wear and tear overtime.

Embossing Explained 

There are three types of metals that are used for embossing dies.

  1. Magnesium: This metal is best for projects that have a short-run. This means that the designs are large with no complexities.
  2. Brass: Brass is among one of the most popular embossing dies, and it is excellent for more complex hand-tooling. Brass is best when trying to achieve fine lines and sculptured images.
  3. Copper: Copper is considered an in between to magnesium and brass. However, copper is stronger and more durable when compared to magnesium, making it a great option for various situations.

Choosing Paper

The texture of paper plays an important role in the embossing process. Paper that is heavy with long-fibered sheets is best for embossing. Using paper that is lightweight or heavy-coated may not be the best choice due to the fact that this kind of paper is more likely to crack. As a rule of thumb, the more processed the paper is, the weaker it becomes, ultimately making it difficult to withstand the embossing process.

Embossing Process 

There are actually various embossing processes you can choose from.

  • Using Wet Pulp or Damp Paper: In this process, the embossing die will come into contact with the wet pulp or damp paper under high pressure. This process will create a raised surface.
  • Using Ready-made Paper: Another process is by using ready-made paper and running it under a printing press. The paper is then dampened and placed against a block or a plate.

Embossing is a simple and easy process that when finished, produces amazing results. It is elegant, cost-effective, and enjoyed by many. In fact, embossing serves many uses, making it one of the most popular processes today. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your embossing project, contact us and we will gladly help.