Stainless Steel San Francisco

Steel for all your San Francisco Business Needs

Amidst the fog and the thundering waves of the Pacific Ocean, stands a magnificent structure – the Golden Gate Bridge.

Towering over the rushing waters, this marvel of engineering has withstood the fury of storms, hurricanes, earthquakes. Its fortitude comes from a combination of its massive size and the strength of its high-quality steel.

At Detroit Name Plate Etching, we also believe in using strength to build great things. And that’s why we use stainless steel.

It’s incredibly resilient, and can stand up to even the toughest conditions, making it the perfect choice for your San Francisco business.


Founded on Fortitude

From the swords of ancient empires to the skylines of modern nations, steel has been a mainstay of human civilization for thousands of years.

But, in 1913, the world was introduced to the next step in steel’s evolution: stainless steel.

Originally known as “rustless” steel, this groundbreaking innovation’s unique properties made it resistant to the corrosion that plagued traditional carbon steel.

It’s no surprise that stainless steel has become such a popular choice in the toughest environments – the heat and chaos of a manufacturing plant, or the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen – where it tackles water, corrosion, and the harsh wear and tear of time.


Thriving on Excellence

For over a century, DNPE has been a trusted destination for businesses in San Francisco and beyond. And when it comes to stainless steel products, Detroit Name Plate Etching is second to none.

Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to perfect our craft, and create name plates, logo plates, and data plates that are long-lasting, and can withstand whatever life throws at them.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality stainless steel plates that will endure the test of time, and make your business stand out, contact Detroit Name Place Etching, and request a quote today!


Our Stainless steel is durable, unusual, and looks striking when etched without fill paint. We stock several gauges: .014″/.35mm to .120″/3mm.