logoplate on aluminumWhen planning your commercial screen printing projects, choosing the best colors is important. Your product should look how you planned it and reflect your company.

But did you know that all people see colors slightly differently? It’s true, and professional screen printing companies address this by using a color matching system to ensure beautiful colors from design through manufacture, for single, gradient, or multi-color printing on every surface.

Designers carefully match your existing logo colors and select the appropriate thermoset resins and epoxy paints for screen printing. They also consider finish, because gloss or matte finish affects final colors. They also factor in the different surfaces available. Each surface – metal, plastic, or vinyl – affects applied colors.

The Pantone Color Matching System

Accurate communication about color avoids misunderstandings. But what is a color matching system, exactly?

The most widely used color matching system in the world is Pantone. An American company, it’s been around for over 50 years and is still going strong.

Pantone Quick Facts

  • In 1956, Lawrence Herbert joined an advertising company
  • He had a background in chemistry
  • He organized and ran the company’s pigments and inks department
  • In 1963, he bought the whole company and renamed it Pantone
  • The Pantone company started producing fan-shaped books of color samples

The Pantone color matching system uses chemistry to identify colors, with simple numerical codes. Designers agree with customers about colors, then give the codes to screen printers for reference during manufacture. This ensures that colors turn out as planned, even though we all see colors slightly differently.

When it’s time for your screen printing project, you’ll want a company with experience using an effective, world-class color matching system like Pantone, to ensure accurate communication and beautiful colors.

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