There’s a lot of printers available for commercial use and manufacturing, and that makes finding the right one for your specific job harder. Instead of testing different printers and seeing which results look better, find methods that have a history of success with both the type of product you’re producing and the specific style elements you need. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if screen printing is the right choice.

When is screen printing the best choice?

  • Are you printing on dark materials? Ink can fade into dark colors and lose their bright hue if you use traditional methods, and that can either leave your products with darker backdrops looking faded and incomplete. But screen printing applies thicker layers of ink without oversaturating the materials. This means the bright colors stay visible even on black fabrics.
  • Do you need the colors to pop? Screen printing for t-shirts and other clothing has stayed popular┬ádespite the wide availability of digital printing because it does the job best. Colors stay vibrant and distinct because screen printing applies the colors layer by layer.
  • Is the product not flat? Once you have three-dimensional products, it can seem impossible to find the right printing process for the job. But screen printing can be applied to rounded surfaces, around edges, and uneven surface textures. No matter what merchandise you need to be branded, screen printing can handle the products’ shape and surface.

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