Detroit Name Plate Etching Caution SignSafety in the workplace should always be a priority no matter what the occupation. In addition to proper employee trainings, you should also utilize the necessary safety signage. This form of visual communication can save lives and reduce costs associated with workplace incidents. Here are a few OSHA guidelines for safety signage to keep in mind for your business.

Select the proper classification for your sign

OSHA has outlined several classifications for safety signs: Caution, Warning, Danger, and Safety Instructions.

OSHA states, “Caution signs shall be used only to warn against potential hazards or to caution against unsafe practices.” Caution signs indicate that the necessary precautions should be taken to protect from a possible hazard.

Warning signs fall somewhere in between “Caution” and “Danger.” The word “Warning” is accompanied by the appropriate safety message. This signage is used when there is a hazard present that could result in death or serious injury. It, however, is not severe enough to require the danger sign.

Danger signs indicate an immediate danger in the area; this warns of very specific dangers.

Follow the required design guidelines

There are very specific guidelines for design that must be followed per OSHA’s regulations.

Caution signs must have a yellow background, and the panel must be black with yellow lettering. The word “Caution” must be present. Any wording placed on the yellow background must be printed in black.

Danger signs must use the colors red, black, and white and include the word “Danger.”

When it comes to Safety Instruction signs, OSHA says, “The standard color of the background shall be white; and the panel, green with white letters. Any letters used against the white background shall be black. The colors shall be those of opaque glossy samples as specified in Table 1 of ANSI Z53.1-1967 or in Table 1 of ANSI Z535.1-2006(R2011)”

Place in the appropriate areas

Signs should be placed in the area where the hazard or risk is present. It should be placed in clear view for employees to reference.

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