If you’ve ever considered using plastic injection molding to get your plastic parts produced, you know the process is extremely versatile and can use a combination of materials to produce even the most complex design. But if you’ve run out of crucial parts or just received a surprise order, you need parts quickly. While injection molding might be the process known best for that flexibility and complexity, it’s also the process that can produce your parts the fastest.

Why is plastic injection molding one of the fastest processes for getting your parts produced?

  • Plastic injection molding is automated. Not only does the increased use of procession machines and software mean even complex parts can be produced, automation means the whole process can be completed faster even with only one person overseeing the machines. Once the mold has been fabricated based on your design, which is made faster and faster through the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software), it can be used again and again to create the parts.
  • Depending on the material used, each cycle takes only seconds. Your parts will be created by a machine injecting plastic into a unique mold for your product. That means the two central factors in the time it takes to manufacture each part are (i) the injection speed, or how quickly the machine can fill the mold with plastic, and (ii) the time it takes for the material to set. Depending on the complexity of your materials and design, each part only takes approximately fifteen to thirty seconds.

Getting plastic parts made reliably and accurately is essential, and getting plastic parts made reliably, accurately, and quickly is even better. Contact Detroit Name Plate Etching about the plastic parts you need, whether you need a large order, a fast order, or both.