A logo represents your brand, your company, your team, or your organization. When a logo is created, it is done so that when seen, there is instant recognition. If you think Ford, Harley Davidson, or Bose, we are quite certain that their logo can be easily pictured in your mind. A logo can bring a team together, it can make a consumer reach for your product, and it can emit trust in a product. If it’s time to produce a long-lasting logo for your company or organization, then look no further than Detroit Name Plate to create one for you.

Detroit Name Plate Etching Company has a strong reputation for creating nameplates in both metal and plastic. Whether you wish a logo in brass, steel, vinyl, or aluminum, it will be done to your exact specifications. In fact, custom design is a mainstay of DNPE. If your logo needs to have a laser cut, if it needs engraving or even screen printing for color, it will be done. If you want a photo-etched logo or prefer an embossed logo to give it some depth, it will be done. Your logo can be replicated with an existing logo or if you need some help in completing the design of an idea you have, DNPE is there to help with this too.

Remember, your logo represents who or what you are and should be manufactured by a team of people who show who they are in the quality work they produce. If your organization is important to you then your logo should be equally as important. Put your trust in a company that has been a leader in producing identification products for over 100 years. Start by contacting Detroit Name Plate. It’s as easy as that.