Detroit Name Plate Etching is here to solve all your metal plating needs. To meet a variety of customer needs we have the ability, through our Metal Forming process, to create metal nameplates to fit a surface that is anything but flat or that requires a particular shape. Metal forming involves the reshaping of metals not by melting them, but rather by taking advantage of the moldability of certain metals allowing us to shape them into any form desired. Let’s look at two specific forming processes that we use.


As the name suggests, the roll-forming process will create a curve to the metal so that it can be safely and securely attached to a more rounded surface. Imagine curved numbered tags on the rounded backs of theater seats, warning nameplates on the curved side of machinery, or brand plates shaped to fit the product.

Press braking

This process allows for the creation of a variety of shapes with the metal. Press braking creates angles and allows for the bending of the edges of the metal to form shapes and sharper angles for nameplates and can create boxes and covers. Whether it’s a uniquely shaped caution plate or control panel or a customized tabletop sign, press braking will produce excellent results.

As with all our nameplates, the design team at Detroit Name Plate Etching can work with you to create a design that will perfectly fit your needs or work with you with your current design. Ink options, letter fonts, choosing whether or not to emboss, and serialization are all design options that can be included through metal forming. Best metal options for your needs will be reviewed, including looking at environmental factors. For instance, will the plate be used indoors or will it be exposed to a harsh environment? Either way, you can trust the durability of the final product. Rest assured that our expert team will guide you through the process and answer all questions.

If you wish to brand an item with a simple curved radius, are in need of a product with a sharp angled bend, or are looking for a more challenging design option with a metal nameplate then contact us and we will get right to work for you.