If your business is all about events and activities, then you need good tickets. Printable PDFs aren’t only a bit lackluster in the presentation department, they’re easy to duplicate and forge. They’re also not long-term mementos of important occasions. Add in extra security and finesse with dye sublimation.

How does dye sublimation improve security?

There are a few ways to make tickets and invites harder to duplicate. Most of them involve adding in extra complexity, such as tiny details, watermarks, and barcodes. But many of these countermeasures are hard to verify unless you have the proper equipment. It can also create the wrong feel for the occasion if the attendees aren’t expecting security and its associated delays.

Other methods involve changing the printing process itself. Different inks and materials can be hard to counterfeit without a great deal of effort. Wedding invitations on heavy poly-fiber paper, for example, or glossy tickets printed with dye sublimation thermal printers are immediately recognizable as above and beyond a typical printing job. A combination of both can really lock out illegitimate tickets, but dye sublimation is more than enough for the vast majority of events. If you want more than just a visual test, you can get some of the ink wet. Counterfeit copies printed with inkjet printers will bleed a bit, but thermal dye sublimation fixes the ink firmly in place.

Add extra visual appeal.

Tickets are artifacts. People hold onto them for the memories. While people will still hold onto a printed copy of a ticket, they’re much more likely to be enamored of a glossy, professionally printed memento. That extra attention to both customer and attendee satisfaction will help you stand out from a crowd of competitors. It also creates a nice portfolio of prior work to wow future customers. Go to Detroit Name Plate Etching to get started printing.