Getting attention for your business is hard. Online competition is at an all-time high, and capturing even a few seconds of your target market’s time seems impossible. Advertising off the screen has even more challenges: print is often seen as boring (when it’s seen as all) and that means your business has to go far out of the box to attract new leads. So do it with interaction and texture.

How can you make your advertisements interactive?

People get their fill of things to look at online. The Internet is also getting better and better at encouraging easy interaction. But the physical world offers a few things mobile devices can’t do quite yet, and this includes the other remaining senses and opportunities to fiddle with things. That’s why stores have interactive displays where customers can manipulate toys (think of moon sand) or test small samples of lotions. So do the same thing. Turn your business cards into clever puzzles or cards with manipulable edges. If you have a delivery business, design your cards with pressed fold lines so they can turn into a box. If you offer appliance repair, make pieces of it fold together or have spinning cut-outs. The more memorable you are, especially when people aren’t expecting something interesting, the better.

Add texture whenever possible.

Smooth screens and pieces of paper are most of what people touch throughout the day. So change it up for ramped up attention and memorability. This can be as simple as textured paper for your business cards to embossed vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are rare enough that they already get attention. If potential customers can feel embossed wood grain on you landscaping truck, for example, that attention to quality advertising speaks well for your business. Even if customers can’t reach out and touch your car in the middle of rush hour, something about 3D texture hasn’t been fully replicated by 2D printing and that makes your images look particularly rich.

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