Do you need rugged nameplates that can stand up to the elements for a lifetime? But outdoor products or equipment may need more than just an identity plate. Outdoor exposure also creates risk for theft. To create a nameplate that has an element of security designed into it, laser engraving is the method of choice. That is why this technology has been used by state and federal governments for important identification plates with unique security features in things like automobile license plates.

Barcodes & Sequences: Into the reflective sheeting of a license plate a laser can bury a unique serial number. An automobile usually has two license plates of the same number. Each of these plates has its own unique serial number, enabling anyone to identify each one, linked to the automobile as 1 of 2 or 2 of 2. Keep track of your equipment with a laser-inscribed sequential numbering system.

Integrity: A laser created serial number cannot be removed. Its integrity endures chemical or physical attempts to damage the identifying mark. Even if the reflective sheeting of a license plate is damaged, the laser-inscribed serial number remains intact.

Watermark: A laser can do much more than inscribe numbers and barcodes. If a company wishes to use a unique watermark as an identifier, the versatility of laser inscription can recreate a company logo easily. Many license plates feature a country or state outline as a laser crafted watermark.

3D Security: Laser precision makes it possible to create an inscription that is 3-dimensional. This makes it easier to observe identifying marks from any angle. This is routinely featured in automobile license plates.

Holograms: Holographic security is the most state-of-the-art security feature available for metal identification plates today. It is an element that cannot be destroyed, disfigured or copied.

If you need the most tamper-resistant identification plates to keep your outdoor equipment investment secure, please contact us. Speak with one of our laser inscription specialists and get a free quote.