How is the public perceiving your company’s products or services? What methods are being used to send the right messaging? Do they truly reflect the values of your business? Are they appealing to consumers? For a boost in sales and growth, it may be time to update brand identity resources for your business. The simplest and most obvious place to start, labeling.

Allure: Virtually every product sold features a label. It is often the first opportunity to visually impact consumers. Think of it like a lure used by a fisherman. Labeling of the primary packaging is what captures the attention of shoppers. Color and font choices are key promotional elements. Logo design that is scaled to fit even a tiny label communicates to the public. It is important to use high quality decals or graphic overlays of the right materials for a design that is durable yet also vibrant.

Messaging: Labeling is more than just slapping a sticker on a product to identify what it is, who made it and its origins. Effective labels are key to marketing strategy. It is a message of what a company stands for. Composition is crucial if a company wants to establish brand recognition that is associated with the reputation a business is trying to build.

Loyalty: Think that it’s only product quality that builds customer loyalty? A well-designed label is key to crafting packaging that customers return to again and again. Consider a well-stocked grocer’s shelf. Stockers routinely rearrange displays. Customers must be able to quickly identify a particular brand that has relocated to another shelf, sitting side by side with competitors. Without an outstanding label, a product can get lost in the mix.

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