The process of engraving allows the engraver to create a product that is durable and legible to read. When engraving is selected as the choice of putting information on a potentially corrosive material, it is apparent that this can be done without any adverse impact. Engraving can be done on all types of components and parts as well as control panels. It can also be done on:
• Switch plates
• Name plates
• Trophies
• Labels
• Metal plates
• Signs
• Bespoke awards
• Plaques
• Stadium seating
• Instrument boxes
Control panel identification plates are usually attached to another control panel or a circuit breaker panel. The intention and goal is to use this as a way of informing computer repair technicians which controls or buttons go with which mechanical or electrical activities. In so doing, the technician won’t make errors, but will be able to properly identify the plates and/or associated control panels.
The Benefits
There are several benefits to having control panel identification plates other than providing information as to which buttons to use. There is also a safety issue as it relates to labeling your control panel. When someone works in an electrical environment, safety precautions are necessary and control panel identification plates provide just that.
The Method and Material
Name plates for control panels use a rotary method of engraving on a laminated plastic. The client would choose the desired colors to place on the surface. If you are going to label signage, then you would have to use plastic with textured surface and one that is heat friendly. For the control panels on breakers, the identification plates can be customized to suit the client’s needs. For customized plates, you can choose the inscription that you want on it. In some cases, the lettering is limited due to the space.
The engraver can use capital letters in combination with smaller case. Usually, before you engage the engraver into going ahead with your project, it is best to discuss the scope of the project and what you exactly need because once engraved, it is difficult to make changes, even though, it is possible.
The Costs
Most times, the cost will depend on the scope of the work and the products used. You should first schedule a consultation with the engraver or metal plate designer to make sure that you are on the same page and to work out a payment structure that is right for your budget.
Labeling control panels is important to the employees that work in an environment where safety is essential and where information needs to be readily available and visible. Engraved identification plates, metals plates and name plates provide you with that option.