Do you need to create industrial quantities of a name plate, logo plate, or other labels? Do they need to be a unique shape, size, or texture? If so, injectable molding may be right for you.

Injectable molding is when molten metal or plastic is injected into a mold or a cylinder and once it’s cooled, it’s extracted as the exact shape and size you want. In fact, you’ve probably seen a decal, name plate, or logo plate made using this technique and didn’t realize it. They’re often used in the auto industry, electronics, household goods, and more!

Our process:

First, we make sure all the details are crystal clear and to your satisfaction. After consulting with you about your product, dimensions, quantity, colors, and every last detail to ensure your product comes out 100% the way you want, we get to work.

When your product is ready to create, we make the mold. Sometimes, we’ll make multiple molds depending on the quantity you order. Injectable molding can create multiple molds at once to save time. A machine called the injection unit heats the plastic resin and injects it into one or multiple molds. The clamps hold the molds in place as this is done.

The injection unit acts like a giant hot glue gun. Heating coils melt the plastic or keep it hot, and the motor pushes the melted resin into your mold. Once the mold is dry, the clamps holding the mold in place will expand, dropping your product down and getting ready for the next batch of your products.

Why should you choose injectable molding?

The possibilities are endless. At Detroit Name Plate etching, we use injectable molding to create plastic 3D logos and plates in any number of shapes or sizes. Thanks to the streamlined, efficient process, we can create batches at once, cutting down on time and setup costs.

Ready to start creating unique logos that will serve your labeling needs and wow your audience? Contact us today to get started!