Many organizations find that they are unable to keep track of their warehouse assets throughout their daily operations. As products are moved throughout the supply chain, it can be difficult to keep track of this movement. For this reason, a reliable inventory management system is quite valuable. By coupling metal identification tags with inventory management software, you can monitor the movement of your product, reduce losses, and increase productivity.

Metal tags can be printed with sequential bar codes and serial numbers to increase traceability. A simple bar code scanner can be used to capture an item’s location. Not only will this help you monitor its movement, it can help you with stock management. An efficient stock management system will automatically update your stock levels as identification tags are scanned. Another added bonus is that identification tags can save employees a ton of time on identifying products at various phases of the supply chain.

Industrial metal tags can also be placed on pallets, containers, and other warehouse assets to minimize the chances of reusable warehouse items getting lost and subsequently needing to be replaced. This is another way to reduce losses thus reducing liabilities in the supply chain. Keeping track of such items can also further improve productivity in the workplace.

It is also important that you have durable metal tags that can withstand changes in the environment and frequent handling. You will want your tags to remain legible despite its exposure to certain conditions.

Industrial metal tags for product identification may be one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your business. Detroit Name Plate Etching can produce custom metal tags that will assist you with tracking products through even the harshest temperatures.  If you are looking for a quality metal tag for your products, contact us today.