One primary role in maintaining a corporate image or brand is the company’s identity. You can create a brand identity in different ways, but at the initiation of the company, the logo is usually the first option. In fact, it carries a lot of importance because that is how consumers and peers are able to recognize the company. A visual device such as a logo on a metal plate sets you apart from your competition. To take it a step further, you can achieve more visibility for your company by putting your company’s logo in places where there is heavy traffic. In a stadium where lots of spectators go to watch sports or other events, your company logo could be displayed on stadium seats.

The Set of Guidelines

In many cases, the design of your brand identity is typically assembled using a set of guidelines. This includes several variables and requirements such as color, fonts, measurements, palettes and layouts, just to name a few. With these guidelines, companies are sure that their brand identity is kept constant and coherent. In other words, this makes the overall brand more recognizable.

Visual Devices

Let’s look at some of the visual devices in which a company’s image and identity is made up of:

  • Logo
  • Flyers, Websites and Brochures
  • Products
  • Packaging
  • Stationery
  • Clothing designs
  • Signs

Out of all the visual devices listed above, the logo is the one that stands out more and the one that puts an identifiable and indelible mark on the company’s identity. The logo is the representation and avatar that showcases the business. That is how consumers will get to know the company.

The Competitor

It is important to have a good logo, but equally as important to use it for brand identity. This will help to differentiate your company from the competitors in your field. It will also serve to communicate to the market – the fundamental nature of what your company’s brand is all about.

Driving Company Growth

Therefore, you need a persuasive logo and a strong brand identity, coupled together to take your business to the next level, driving company growth and attracting potential customers. Putting your company’s logo on well-designed metal plates and displaying it in high traffic areas is a proven way to propel your company forward, building the brand and affecting your business success even more.


If you want to build your brand and showcase your company, whether introducing it to the market or sending a reminder to your existing customers, brand identity is the key. Presenting your logo in a professional manner on a metal plate will certainly get the attention that you need.