In an effort to increase efficiency within supply chains, more manufacturers are moving towards unique (branded) product identification labels and asset tags. Customized labels make it easier to locate and identify your product as it makes its way through production, into retailers, and ultimately into the hands of consumers. If you have not yet made the decision to use branded product tags, it is not too late. To help you make that decision, you will definitely want to consider how proper product identification improves business operations as a whole.

Barcodes, asset labels, UID labels, and RFID tags are all various methods used to improve traceability of your products as they flow through the manufacturing process. Anyone familiar with supply chain management understands the importance of being able to capture key data on each product as it is being handled and transported. There is nothing worse than losing track of your products throughout the production and distribution phases. To make things easier, you can brand each of these tags so that it can always be traced back to your company.

In addition to improving traceability of your products, effective product identification labels can help prevent the distribution of counterfeit goods. Assigning your personal branding to all of your manufactured goods makes it easier to identify as a genuine product. Additionally, you can outline the specifications of the product so that if it is altered at any point, you can improve the chances of those changes being identified prior to it reaching the consumer. Doing so could protect you from damages resulting from product that has been tampered with.

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