Adding the right combination of features and novelties to your brand helps makes your business memorable. Embossing can add just the right texture elements to make your products refined, noticeable, and universally accessible.

What is embossing?

Embossing uses a mold and press to add raised or depressed designs and edges to your material. Whether you have a simple design that you want pressed¬†into pens with your business’s name and address, or you have a complex, abstract design to be embossed into envelopes to highlight invitations or business communications, the process uses different metal die casts to press your image onto the surface.

  • We can emboss almost anything with our heavy-duty presses. Embossing and pressing quality paper is one of the most common embossing¬†projects for consumers. But if you want to break the mold and emboss your logo into a variety of materials, our presses are up for the job.
  • Our software and machinery will leave you with a high-quality product. Detroit Name Plate Etching has over a century of experience in product identification, and we know how to turn your design into a metal die cast and emboss your materials for a crystal-clear, permanent finish that doesn’t damage or weaken the product. Your design will stand in sharp relief from the un-embossed surrounding material and make the identification vibrant, stark, and identifiable.

Embossing is one of the many possible techniques for adding a unique marker to your products or materials. If you want to learn about our process and see samples of finished embossings, visit Detroit Name Plate Etching’s site here.