Products come in different shapes and sizes, and their name plates should, too. Metal forming is a process that can give you customized plates that curve or have a bend shaped to match your products.

What are the benefits of customizing your name plates with metal forming?

  • Metal forming shouldn’t weaken the structural integrity of the material. Because this process doesn’t strip or break away the original mass, the volume and mass of the raw material remain. This means a curved or bent design will be just as long-lasting and high-quality as a flat label or imprint.
  • You can take the final shape into consideration when making your design. Because Detroit Name Plate Etching integrates technology into every step of the manufacturing process, our CAD software can show you what your curved or shaped design will look like in its final form. This gives you the opportunity to make revisions before the plates and parts are customized. Some designs look better flat or can’t have the edges blocked from views, while other designs are enhanced by the plate shape. Find and test the right design for your products.
  • Metal forming makes important safety precautions or brand information part of the product. Because traditional plates are flat, incorporating them into rounded surfaces puts them at higher risk of breakage or obstruction. If you’re in the business of parts and products that are federally mandated to have specific information for the life of the product, you can’t risk using flat plates that may fall off or can separate from the product.

No matter what shape, design, or final appearance you’re looking for, our metalworking processes can get the job done. Go to Detroit Name Plate Etching to get started.