Business cards face a lot of criticism for being an old-fashioned way of spreading the word about your business. In the age of content marketing, social media campaigns, and flashy physical media for getting attention, it can seem like the criticism is right. But new printing methods can help revitalize the way business cards work, and the most popular new choice is through embossed cards.

Why do embossed business cards work better?

  • They draw attention. Everyone knows what to expect with a traditional business card, so they might glance at it, take a picture to record the contact details, or throw it away. But an embossed, textured card makes everyone take a second glance because it’s not what they expected. That extra attention can make the information stick, and it’s a great starting point for a quick conversation because it’s still a rare enough technique that people will ask about it.
  • You can incorporate the function of your business into the details of the embossing. People like clever advertising as long as it’s not too invasive or frustrating. Get a quick laugh or nod from prospective clients by using embossed details to present your excavating processes, Braille detailing for your optical business or a wood texture for your renovation company. It fits your business and, more than that, it’s memorable in a meaningful way.
  • Embossed cards imply success. Just like with websites, having a basic, generic model makes your business look basic and generic. Attention to detail with your business cards, especially if you choose a few high-quality touches, implies success far more than what you can say about your business in just a few words.

Embossed business cards solve the problems most companies have with traditional cards. If you’re looking for a novel way to present your business at face-to-face meetings, go to Detroit Name Plate Etching to get started.