As you choose a printing process for your signs or labels, consider dye sublimation printing for long-lasting text and images. This process allows the creation of colorful, high impact signage such as name plates, trade show signs or photo plaques. While in the past dye sublimation was often associated with textiles, recent innovations in the process make it an excellent choice for printing on hard surfaces such as metal.

According to a recent article by Eileen Fritsch on Screen Web, using dye sublimation printing on hard surfaces to create products or signage is a rising trend. In recent years, researchers made strides to create longer lasting dyes that produce a superior printing job. This allows businesses to create more high quality, cost effective products. Because dye sublimation is so efficient, it is often recommended for small runs.

As with fabric, dye sublimation ensures that the color becomes embedded in the metal to create durable color and images. High heat infuses the dyes into the surface, making it scratch resistant. Use dye sublimation printing for items that people frequently touch or move against, such as seat numbers. Not only does this process create bright color, but the text is clear and easy to read.

Detroit Name Plate Etching offers dye sublimation printing on .020” thick metal available in satin gold, satin silver, satin bronze or white. Not only is this process great for utilitarian projects, but it makes your plaques, business cards and photos stand out. For more information on the services we offer, please contact us.