No matter what you’re labeling, you want a clear-cut, sharp finish. Cutting your brand into nameplates, door tags and your products creates more brand recognition, and the long-lasting appearance of your company name over time is essential to making that impression a good one. Diamond cutting is the top choice for a crisp finish whether you have a bold font for your brand or a complex logo you want captured in detail.

When should you use diamond cutting for your nameplates?

  • Diamond cutting is perfect for tough materials. Fiberglass and metal are quickly becoming some of the most popular materials for contemporary and minimalist plates. But with the wrong process, your logo can end up looking pixelated, dull, or shallowly cut. Selecting diamond cutting will leave you with a long-term, sharp design whether you’re using MDF, laminate, or fiberglass.
  • Diamond cutting also works on more fragile materials. Grinding and cutting the base material can generate a lot of heat and force. But diamond bits and tools don’t heat up the material edges as high and are much less likely to crack brittle material or materials vulnerable to heat damage. Diamond tools are frequently used on stone and wood, ceramics, and metal or carbide alloys. Because of the low friction and the tool’s ability to handle small details, diamond cutting is also the best process for tool details on lenses.

No matter what material you’re using, the experts at Detroit Name Plate Etching can help you find the best procedure for your products and get your products underway.