Laser cutting and chemical etching are both cost-effective, accurate, and quick methods for getting the products and designs you want finished with a professional grade touch. But each method works better for different types of products. Depending on how you answer these questions, laser cutting might be the best fit for what you have in mind.

  1. Is the product simple? The laser cut process works step by step, so if you have a simple, clean-cut design then this is the right process for your product. More complex projects take a bit longer with a laser so you might want to consider our chemical etching process instead.
  2. Can your underlying metal withstand thermal stress? Laser cutting does involve heat, so it’s not the right choice for all materials. But if you’re using a sturdy metal, laser cutting will create a crisp, strong image or line of text.
  3. How thick is the part? Other processes like chemical etching take more time depending on the thickness of the base material, but laser cutting can easily handle thicker parts.
  4. Which process do you prefer? No matter what you’re designing, laser cutting can create it. But laser cutting does best with minimalist designs and can handle different thicknesses.

Every manufacturing process is the best fit for a certain type of product, and it’s just a matter of matching up what you have in mind to the best way to create it. Laser cutting works well for engraving trophies, creating thick parts, and cutting deep designs for your signage. If you want to learn more about our prices and process, or you’re not sure what will work best for your part, contact Detroit Name Plate Etching here.