Durable Decals and Overlays for Companies in New York

Detroit tough meets New York City know-how when it comes to quality heavy equipment decals and flexible overlays. Since its inception in 1911, Detroit Name Plate Etching has provided vinyl, polyester, and PC labels to organizations like yours in the Big Apple. Each decal and overlay is meant to withstand anything time or the elements throws at them!

An enormous selection of designs options is there at your disposal. Create the decals and overlays you need right now with customizable colors, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and adhesives. Put it all together, and you’ll receive the exact finished product you need for your New York City business!

If you’re looking for decals and overlays that are industrial-grade, you can find them for OEM, UL compliance, control panel overlays, marketing, and more at DNPE!  We make decals for indoors, outdoors, and those that are suited to harsh, corrosive environments. Whether you need an overlay or a sticker for inside or outside use, or if you want one that will endure in hostile conditions, feel confident knowing that your unique decal will withstand time and the elements!

Are you still looking for the perfect decal or overlay design? Our in-house graphic designers are on standby to help you form the best design to get your message across. From military to aerospace, we’ve provided a ton of different solutions, designed to fit your industry and the countless other industries that make up New York.

Contact Detroit Name Plate Etching today and stand out from the crowd in NYC!

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