Metal data plates are ideal in applications where a manufacturer requires a permanent solution for information readable by humans or electronic devices. This type of label is manufactured to last for the lifetime of the product or part. They can be printed, stamped, engraved or printed with photo images.

Metal data plates are used in situations where weather, temperature, solvent and wear-resistant labels are required:

Etched Brass Data Plate

  • Machinery and equipment data to provide warranty tracking and troubleshooting information
  • Asset tracking and inventory tracking to prevent theft and loss
  • Instructions and schematic diagrams to ensure correct operating procedures
  • Rating plates and compliance tags to identify product specifications and limitations
  • Safety, warning and hazardous materials signs to prevent injury and death
  • High quality product logo tags for branding and marketing
  • Inspection tags to identify proper working order and official inspection dates
  • Serialized information to identify product manufacturing information
  • Bar code tags for electronic identification

Data plates are tamper resistant and can be printed with variable information. For example, school or gym lockers require sequentially numbered identification tags attached permanently to the locker faces.

Businesses involved in manufacturing consumer products, electronics, machinery or industrial equipment require labels. Our data plates are manufactured in accordance with industry standards across multiple industries. We meet your specifications exactly with options for fabrication, materials, finishes, thicknesses and attachment methods.

When you have specific requirements for labels that offer higher resilience than mainstream engraving methods, we have your solutions. To learn more about the durability of metal data plates, contact us.