Data plates are relevant in everyone’s day-to-day life. Whether you are noticing them or not, they are all around us. Data plates are commonly used to inform others of safety regulations, instructions, or to provide important information. We want to provide you with a better understanding of why data plates are so useful and necessary for many businesses, and in various scenarios.

Today we will discuss some of the common places you are often seeing data plates, why your business might consider having data plates made, and what materials would work best for YOUR needs.

Where Do We Commonly See Data Plates?

This is where you will begin to realize just how common data plates are. It is amazing just how relevant data plates are to you on a day-to-day basis. Below are some of the most common places data plates can be seen, along with reasoning on why these data plates are necessary. 

  • Elevators– Displays information regarding the safety inspection, type of elevator you’re on, the weight capacity of the specific elevator, as well as emergency information.
  • On Semi-Trucks– Tells others what type of material/gases the trucks may be carrying to ensure additional safety for all.
  • Fitness Equipment– There are data plates on the bottom (or sometimes sides) of fitness equipment to tell us what the model and serial numbers are. This makes for easier assistance when trying to call for repair or replacement parts.
  • Internet Modems– Similar to fitness equipment, data plates found on modems will likely have the model and serial numbers displayed to make for quicker assistance.
  • Work Place– It depends on your type of work, but data plates are oftentimes used in shops that have chemicals or heavy machinery, to display important safety regulations or instructions. Data plates are even commonly found in school science classrooms near eye-wash stations.

Are You Considering a Data Plate Purchase?

Now that you have an understanding of just how relevant data plates are, you might decide you are in the market for one, yourself. Maybe you have your own business and want to be sure your safety policies are posted in plain sight to protect you from potential legal disputes? Smaller instructional data plates are great to have for specific machinery and equipment use. For example, some restaurant owners tag their meat slices with proper safety instructions, as injuries can easily occur if used improperly.

Some people have even opted to have data plates made to ensure proper upkeep of their old muscle cars… these data plates include information regarding the oil type, filter, etc. Whatever you have in mind, it’s time to make it happen.

The Best Material

You can choose from a variety of materials to make sure your plate holds up in unique environments. Different materials will correlate with different budgets, so there is always an option for everyone. Due to our diligent knowledge in this industry, we can recommend the appropriate materials for your intended use. For example, we always recommend MetalPhoto Aluminum for plates that need to be extremely weatherproof and provide superb resistance to harsh chemicals and corrosion. This is the type of material used on data plates in the military. We have a wide selection of diverse materials to choose from that is sure to fit your needs and budget.


For more information or to get started on creating your customized data plate, please feel free to contact us. Detroit Name Plate Etching can help!