Control panels are permanent fixtures that fit over the controls of a machine. This can be heavy machinery or operation technology used in manufacturing, science, or engineering. In order to know what kind of control panel to invest in, you need to look for a few things first.

Enclosures and panels

Will your control panel be placed in an enclosure or within other panels? If so, the measurement of your final product will be affected. Will the control panel fit under or over the other panels? Does it need to factor in an enclosure, a lath, or a set of doors? An experienced manufacturer takes your entire control panel, not just the label or the cover, into consideration when making your product.

Lettering won’t erode

Yu shouldn’t have to replace your control panel’s covering for a long, long time, especially not because the labels and lettering are fading. Lettering can fade due to use; after all, human hands are oily and therefore corrode lettering over time. That’s why using lettering techniques like chemical etching that will stand up to corrosive conditions is crucial.

Although you wouldn’t think of human hands as corrosive, anything having to do with oil, dirt, water, or other substances constantly getting on your equipment is corrosive. Plus, a lot of industries requiring control panels have harsher corrosive materials like the fuel, agriculture, and chemical manufacturing industries.

Fits over the control buttons

It’s absolutely critical that your control panel fits over the buttons and levers you’re using. That’s why exact measurements are paramount when making your panel. Sometimes, the measurements are there, especially if your industry standards call for certain buttons in certain places. Other times, you’ll need to measure twice and submit once. An experienced manufacturer will ensure the measurement is correct and ensure it can fit over the buttons before installation.

Labels are correct

Ensuring everything is labelled correctly is another obvious must for making a control panel. Triple-checking that each label is correct doesn’t need much explanation. However, if your control panel is more complicated than a stop/start button and an extra button or lever or two, you need to ensure that the labels are accurate. This is especially challenging if buttons or levers are supposed to be labeled with numbers, measurements, or codes rather than words.

The right materials

Finally, the correct materials for your control panel need to be a factor. You need materials that will stand up to the elements and corrosion, but you also need to consider where your panel is. Is it exposed to the outdoors? Is it regularly in contact with corrosive elements like water or oil? Could it be splashed with incredibly caustic materials like acid or industrial or chemical compounds? Are there OSHA or other regulatory standards you have to meet regarding your control panel’s materials? If so, the material you pick will make a difference.

Detroit Name Plate Etching has been in the business for over a hundred years. We customize control panel plates for a myriad of industries and have the expertise to check, double-check and triple-check your requirements. Contact us today to build an industry-standard control panel that will last years and years!