With all the images people see everyday, getting them to think of you when a need arises that you can help with is challenging. Brand Identity is what gets your customers, whether current or potential, to think of you first. Here’s what you need to consider if you’re building your brand identity or wanting to make sure your current identity is the working the way it should.

Is it easy to remember?

Having a complex logo might seem like a good idea since it lets you convey a longer message, but a complex logo won’t necessarily stick with your customers. You only have a few seconds to get their attention, and simplicity works best. Use a logo that is easy for them to remember so that your name comes up when they need something you offer.

Does it look good in different uses?

Smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, and paper are all places that your logo may appear. With the internet accessible on all kinds of devices, and commercials viewable on TV and online, you need to consider how your logo will look in each place. Smaller screens will not always show large logos well, and large screens can distort the logo. Your design should work well at all sizes.

With all things going digital, print advertising is easily overlooked. Though people don’t think about it as often as they used to, print is still here. Will your logo look the same on paper as it does on the screen? It needs to so that people will connect it with you no matter where they see it.

If you have a physical product that you sell, you have a ready-made place to put your logo. This will let customers see it every time they use what they bought from you. It is not possible every material, and labels won’t always work. One way to add your logo to your product, and make it last, is to use logo plates. This way, your company will be visible any time someone sees your product.

Does it look good in black and white?

Though most people think of advertising in color, black and white is still around. There are situations where black and white printing is better than color. For example, printing in black and white is less expensive than color. Some view it as less distracting. Even if you don’t plan on using black and white printing, it would be a good idea to take it into consideration when designing a logo. Subtle color changes and low contrasts might be lost in black and white printing.

Does it reflect who you are?

All of the above tips won’t do any good if your logo doesn’t match your company. A bottle makes sense for a drink company, but wouldn’t look right for a manufacturer of wood furniture. Since you want people to think of you when they see your logo, make sure that it fits your product or service.

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