Tons of products use stainless steel, from silverware to heavy machinery. There’s a good reason: stainless steel holds up to a number of conditions, from water and oil to extremely high and low temperatures.

No matter what industry you’re in, stainless steel name plates, data plates, and more are an enduring product that will last a lifetime and save you money in the long run.

Less likely to rust or stain

It’s science. Stainless steel is tempered iron. Iron is abundant on Earth’s crust. Malleable and durable, it’s been used to make things for thousands of years. The one problem? Iron rusts and stains. In order to make iron last, it needs to be tempered with other materials to turn it into an alloy.

Hence the name “stainless.” Stainless steel is an umbrella term for metal alloys. These contain carbon and other metals to temper it against oxidization and rust.

Stainless steel doesn’t corrode as easily

Stainless steel is built for corrosive environments and areas where your name plate or data plate will meet the elements. These include places where water and oil can splash anywhere and chemical plants with harsher substances.

Great for food service

That’s why the food industry uses stainless steel in kitchens around the world. From silverware to kitchen appliances, cutting boards and butcher blocks, stainless steel holds up against water, oil, grease, and organic matter.

That’s why stainless steel is the way to go if you need a name plate or a data plate for your restaurant. It’s also easy to clean, and since it’s not porous, is a sanitary choice for a restaurant setting.

Resistant to high and low temperatures

Stainless steel is also temperature resistant. Rooms with hot and cold temperatures – think freezers and welding rooms – can do with a stainless-steel name plate that will stand up to temperatures that aren’t your standard 72 degrees.

Chemical etching and overlays

If you’re thinking about a stainless-steel nameplate or data plate for your business, the next question is: how will the lettering stand the test of time? Detroit Name Plate Etching’s chemical etching and overlays give your logo, data, and anything else you need them to say a pristine finish.

Chemical etching fine-tunes your design and lettering so it can be read for years to come. The process ensures everything’s crystal clear, as detailed as you need it to be, and will stay legible for years. Stainless steel also keeps your name plate looking gorgeous. Also, any crucial safety information or warnings you need to present will stand the test of time, chemicals, or whatever else the elements throw its way. Rest assured, your stainless-steel plate from DNPE can take it!

Want to get started on an order? Contact us today and we’ll happily design a long-lasting stainless-steel plate for your needs!