If you work in a military, government, or industrial setting, you know how important it is for labels and critical machinery information to stay readable even, and especially, after the equipment has been damaged. The best material for nameplates, labels, and control panels is Metalphoto because of its high endurance, durability, and it’s permanent image-holding process.

How durable is Metalphoto?

Metalphoto works by sealing the printed or plated image — which can include anything from images and diagrams to text of any length — in anodized aluminum. This aluminum is resistant to chemical corrosion, UV radiation, and physical damage. Even prolonged exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and sea water won’t degrade the image, so Metalphoto products are built for industrial use and durability.

How detailed can images and texts be?

Metalphoto products range from control panels with labels imprinted deep into the product to cutting-edge barcodes that contain a wealth of information within each fine line. Because the product has photographic resolution, you can mark and label even the smallest parts with micro-text and watermarks. The benefit of Metalphoto isn’t just that the images will never fade away; you can build in authenticity and anti-counterfeiting measures throughout each part and piece of your products.  The information will also be incredibly clear for both digital scanners and human eyes. Clear images that don’t fade or get scratched is crucial for keeping machinery safe and usable, as well as for helping your products retain resale value.

No matter what industry you’re in, imprinting information in metal that will never fade or corrode is invaluable. Contact Detroit Name Plate Etching here to get an estimate or schedule your products.