Screen Printing on Vinyl PolyesterScreen-printing is a cost-effective process that can produce multi-colored or single-colored nameplates, signs, labels, and more. During this process, ink is printed through screens to create your desired design on the selected material. There are several key benefits of screen-printing nameplates and signage for your business. If you are considering screen-printing for your workplace and marketing materials, continue reading to learn more.

High quality printing

Heavier and thicker inks are used in screen-printing. You may be wondering why this is so important. Well, this heavier ink comes off as more vibrant when printed on your products. Color-rich printing not only makes your signage easier to read, it also positively represents your brand. Screen-printing can also be quite durable and has the ability to withstand different environments. It is, however, not recommended for environments that are commonly exposed to chemicals or abrasives.

While you will eventually experience some wear and tear, your screen-printed product can maintain a high-quality look for several years. Screen-printing is especially effective for warning and instruction signs to be used indoors.

Cost effective

As mentioned earlier, screen-printing can be very cost-effective when compared with other processes – especially when it comes to large quantities and re-printing the same design on different products.


You can screen-print on many different surfaces. Printing can be done on metals, plastics, and vinyl making screen printing a great option for those looking for a variety in the material used. You are not constrained to just one type of surface.


You can print almost any design using screen-printing. This is great for printing your logo, instructions, shapes, serial numbers, and more.

There are many ways that you can use screen-printing in your business. If screen-printing sounds like the most effective solution for you, contact Detroit Name Plate Etching today for your quick quote.