Being able to have reliable, well-crafting plastic parts on hand is essential whether you’re in the manufacturing sector or you have a repairs business. One of the best methods for getting the parts you need created quickly, accurately, and in custom quantities that fit your business is injection molding.

Why should you use injection molding the next time you need an order of plastic parts?

Injection molding can handle complex designs and minute details. 

A lot of parts of unique configurations that either serve particular functions or help keep a part securely fastened. Because the process of injection molding subjects the plastic base material to high pressure, every detail will be captured with crystal clarity. Your pieces can be as complex or as simple as you need without additional time or expense.

Injection molding offers a great deal of flexibility.

Automated injection molding processes can pull designs from CAD programs and 3-D renderings so we can bring to life whatever part you’ve designed or simulated. Your plastic parts can also be made from a combination of different types of plastic through co-injection molding, or you can use filler material for a stronger core or overall material. Sometimes parts need to be different materials without the weak seams of smaller parts that are assembled later, and injection mold offers that degree of versatility in materials and design.

No matter what plastic part your business needs, plastic injection molding can get the job done quickly and accurately. If you have a design ready or if you have questions about our plastic materials and fillers, contact Detroit Name Plate Etching here for more information.