Do you want to add a different touch to your office with specially customized name plates? You can improve your brand identity when customers visit the office by placing a name plate on each employee’s chair or desk. Most of us categorize ourselves by our earned reputation and space. In the corporate world, this equates the position that we have in a company and how valued we feel by the employer. If you notice when you walk into a business and see employees wearing a badge with their name on it, there is a sense of pride. The name tag has considerable influence on the employee, showing their designated role. It is the same with name plates used to identify the company and show their influence in the office and outside.
Making a Distinction
When you can customize the name plate of each employee, it provides them with a level of distinction and changes the entire work culture. Name plates can be placed on doors as well as cubicles and meeting rooms to keep non-personnel out of the area. The name plates would display the company’s logo, which sets the tone of brand identity and changes the entire appearance of the office in that it adds professionalism and prestige, in some sense.
Giving Deserved Recognition
If the office has various events throughout the year, company name plates are ideal to use. Although, all events are different, staff can have their own specific name plates for the various events and recognition such as:
• Employee of the month
• Boss’s day
• Innovator or Technical person of the month
• Employee of the year
• Promoter of the year
• Most valuable teammate
• Most valuable employee
Corporate name plates do not take long to create and can be delivered prior to the event or in time to make a statement in the office where customers will notice the change and employees will be proud of it. Customers will know which employee they are speaking with – each time they make an entrance into the office. Name plates may also consist of customized signs that customers can use to direct them throughout the office building. This provides ease in navigation and gives the customer a friendly and unforgettable experience.
If you are going to have name plates created for your corporate office, it is best to contact a company that is known for their expertise and make your request in a timely manner. In so doing, you know that you will receive a personalized product that is right for your company brand.