There are details about designer items that are unmistakably luxurious and people will look for these details in new designer offerings. If you are a brand, campaign, or growing business, including these indicators of luxury and elitism can significantly boost the market value of your items. Something as simple as elegant metal logo plates used as tags and fobs can make the difference between your success and that of a less prepared industry rival.

The Designer Item

Consider a designer handbag of the classic variety. It probably has a leather exterior embossed with a repeating but aesthetically appealing version of the logo. On the heavy metal clasps and zipper pulls, there too is the logo. Rather than a plastic zip-tie tag, it probably has a heavy string or even a ribbon securing its info-card. It may even have a free leather ID tag included, again with the logo, as an added value to the purchase. People like the extra bits. Those additional metal buckles and fobs create a sense of bounty and luxury that makes them happy every time they use the bag.

The Metal Logo Tag

Chances are that you’re not Chanel, Coach, or Gucci, but you can still give that added feeling of luxury to your elite line of items. A few small upgrades will make your customers feel more valued because you’ve invested more value into their product and packaging. One great way to give your customers something of value and weight with each purchase is by including an engraved metal logo plate among the tags. Take a book from the designer handbag and attach it with ribbon for that added touch of refinement.

The Lasting Effect

Metal logo plates are a little like campaign buttons. When you distribute these valuable little icon bearing items to your customers, you may be surprised how many key chains and backpack zipper pulls they end up on. For a small investment per lot of logo plates, you get the ambient advertisement of sturdy items spreading through the real world bearing your logo and increasing your brand recognition.

Your customers deserve the best and you have everything to gain from providing it. Investing in metal logo plates for your item accents and packaging may become your smartest financial decision this year. Looking for something a little different? Put your logo on something else with our wide variety options from screen printing to injection molding. To discuss your custom order, contact us today!