When it comes to precision fabrication, laser cutting is a great option. It has become increasingly popular in recent years for detail work as well as large-scale production projects. If you have been looking for a new way to streamline your manufacturing, here are a few reasons to consider a transition to laser cutting.

1. Precision – Traditional blades leave you with a fixed dimension that’s determined by the blade size. You lose a lot of flexibility in your designs when you use them. Laser cutters, on the other hand, use a laser beam that can be programmed to dimensions as minute as fractions of a millimeter. That means far more precise cuts when compared to a traditional blade. When exact cuts and delicate work are a priority, lasers are a valuable investment.

2. Automation – Laser cutters rely on CNC programs to automate the fabrication process. This means that you eliminate much of the human element from the fabrication. This reduces the risk of errors, ensures consistency in your production, and minimizes waste.

3. Versatility – Unlike some fabrication equipment, laser cutters work well with many different types of raw materials. That means that you can have a wide variety of your parts and materials created from the same supplier.

4. Less Heat Damage – Many traditional blades produce heat as they cut, which can cause some metals and materials to warp in the fabrication process. With laser cutters, you don’t get that same friction and heat production, so you have less risk of any kind of heat damage or warping.

5. Cleaner Finish – Any time you cut materials with a traditional blade, that cutting blade is in contact with the material at all times. That can result in the transfer of residue from the blade to your final product. Lubricating oils in particular can be bothersome. With a laser cutter, there is no blade to worry about, so there is no risk of that same contamination. You’ll save time in cleaning up your finished products before you put them to use.

As you can see, there are many advantages to having your products fabricated by a shop that offers laser cutting. For more information, contact us today.